Murfy's Challenges - a collection of five challenging levels to complete the game Rayman Legends. There is also a two costumes: Ray of Persia and Splinter Globox, who look like agent Sam Fisher with another game from Ubisoft Splinter Cell. As the level name Implies, These are specific levels Which helps us Murfy, wherein with the aid indeed often must use even you can get 14 crystal teeth for mr death in 1 in  

each level 


  • burning sows (Teensies in trouble)
  • the tree burndown (teensies in trouble)
  • Jump in the heavens (toad story)
  • pirates ahoy (toad story)
  • hot duck (fiesta de los muertos)
  • lucha castle (fiesta de los muertos)
  • Run between the lights! (20,000 lums under the sea)
  • the beach beat (20,000 lums under the sea)
  • nightmare Architect (Olympus maximus)
  • storming the mountain (olympus maximus)
  • the tiki temple (the samurai escapade)
  • The firework showdown (the samurai escapade)
  • the breath of the dead (the living dead party)
  • collapsing the castle (the living dead party)


  • The chapter is only available on a portable console PS Vita & called a new on the Nintendo Wii u

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